Investigative analysis

No detail overlooked

PH Hession Enterprise conducts deep, extensive research on equities and fixed income markets in order to determine the most appropriate assets to acquire on behalf of our clients. We retain a large and highly capable team of qualified financial analysts whose job it is to parse the minutiae of corporate reports, cash flows and forecasts seeking out the angle that our competitors have missed. In the meantime, economists pore over economic data in order to better gauge what may lie ahead for monetary policy and how that could affect fixed income returns.

No stone left unturned

Our analysts’ remit spans stocks of companies large and small in the advanced markets of the West and the emerging economies of the BRICS countries and Southeast Asia. The recommendations that result from our researchers’ efforts are rooted in quality analysis and clients can rest assured that no stone has been left unturned in the quest to identify suitable return potential.

We have our own highly-informed opinions and are not averse to taking contrarian positions if our analysis supports it, irrespective of what the broader market believes.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis’s objective is to examine a business’s fundamentals with a view to identifying the potential – if any – for an increase in the value of its equity based purely on the strength of those variables and the environment in which it operates. It must be tempered with macroeconomic analysis, particular research on industry sector, revenues, debt, competition and a host of other factors.

Exploiting market inefficiencies

This type of analysis seeks to reinforce assumptions that short-term perceptions of the value of a company are erroneous and that, eventually, the price must correct itself. Profits can be generated by acquiring a mispriced stock and waiting for the market to recognize its error and reprice the stock accordingly.

Technical analysis

Technical analysis relies on the close scrutiny of an asset’s past price action with a view to predicting its future price action. Rather than focus on the intrinsic value of the assets by examination of a set of tangible variables in the way that fundamental analysis does, technical analysis concentrates on studying the actual historical prices themselves.

Price action purity

Anything that might affect the price is ignored since it is assumed that everything that could affect it is already factored in to the price at any given moment. Price action technical analysis attempts to find meaning in the patterns and trends in a chart of price movements which it considers to be a gauge of sentiment toward the stock.