we value and listen to you

Your input matters here

We advise, you decide

This service is usually suited to clients who may have some degree of financial market sophistication and, perhaps, the time to devote to managing an investment portfolio. Client funds are still deposited in segregated custodian accounts via PH Hession Enterprise in the same way as with the Discretionary Management option but this service sees us act in more of an advisory capacity.

Your word is final

We still provide full access to the special situations that come to us via our extensive network of global market affiliations or through meticulously-researched opportunities in equities, fixed income or alternative investments.

The only difference is that we are duty-bound to secure your permission before we can conduct any trades or other activity on your portfolio.

You must observe certain caveats associated with this type of service, a key example being that a delay in securing your permission may lead to a missed opportunity.