Active management, open thinking

Receptive to opportunity

PH Hession Enterprise was established with a philosophy that advocates an active, opportunistic and flexible approach to investing and a firm belief that such an approach would culminate in the production of superior medium to long-term gains for our clients regardless of the conditions prevailing in the broader market environment.

Our flexible, “outside-the-box” methodology makes us receptive to opportunities as and when they arise and, equally importantly, it allows us to deploy several techniques that not only serve to enhance returns, but also to minimize risk.

Using all available tools

In our view, all too often, the use of traded options and the short-selling of securities are scorned as techniques that increase investment risk when, in fact, the utilization of certain strategies with these techniques as their basis can significantly mitigate or hedge against loss. Many traditional investment managers are hindered by strict investment guidelines that restrict or prohibit their use of these techniques altogether.

“Bottom-up” approach

We employ a “bottom-up” approach and concentrate on opportunities that are driven by events, undervalued securities and special situations. Our investment ideas hail from a number of sources, including a far-reaching network of industry and corporate contacts and painstaking research and analysis conducted in-house by a team of over 40 professionally-qualified analysts. We gravitate towards investment opportunities where it is possible to clearly identify a catalyst or an event that will culminate in a change in an asset’s price/valuation.

Contrarian investment principles

At PH Hession Enterprise we strive for market-beating returns by pursuing contrarian investment principles that deliver superior efficiency against the seemingly incongruent forces that prevail in financial markets.

The disciplined techniques used by our highly-trained and experienced professionals are complemented by the use of specialized instruments that have enabled us to pursue our multi-strategy, absolute return approach with extraordinary success.